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    Welcome to Toronto Gold Bullion Inc.

    Canadian Gold, Silver & Platinum Dealer

    Toronto Gold Bullion Inc. is distinguished by high quality of precious metals in form of bars and coins. Canada's standing as one of the world's leading precious metals producing countries gives us a significant presence in the market. The price, of most commonly traded precious metals, is a testament to the magnificent value of product it self. It is a prevalent opinion, especially among bullion dealers, investors and traders, that gold, silver, and platinum bars and coins are the only real assets. Buying bars and coins is the best way of owning the value of your investment. Bullion or numismatic, these precious metals have real value. Taking possession of the physical golden, silver or platinum products is common sense. Whether you want to buy bullion online, by telephone, or in person, we can provide you with bullion bars and coins recognized by collectors and investors worldwide. We pride ourselves in offering a wide enough variety of the best gold, silver and platinum coins and bars. Gold coins from established mint.





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